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Malvasia Amphora

Grape variety: Istarska malvazija
Vintage: 2009
Alcoholic content: 14.6 %vol
Sugar: 2,8 g/l
Total acidity: 5,0 g/l
Serving temperature: 16°C

Pairing with food:

Red meat, dishes with truffels, cheeses of hard texture.


Fermentation is taking place together with grape skins (maceration) in an amphora (baked clay container). After maceration in amphoras for 7 months, the wine ages in Slavonian oak barrels (4000 litre barrels).

After bottling, the wine is being refined in bottles for 6-12 months.


Our wine Malvazija Amfora represents the first attempt ever in our region to offer the lovers of special wines to taste a completely new wine philosophy which was completely forgotten during the thousands of years. We have traced the ancient recipe and crafted a wine enjoyed by the ancient Romans and Greeks a long time ago. The vinification takes place on own yeasts. This wine can be enjoyed even after several years.

Using amphoras in the proces of wine making improved the quality of maceration. For this kind of vinification the grapes from our most prestigious vineyard on the Stancija hill is being used. Extended fermentation in amphoras and ageing of the young wine without grape skinns removal all until springtime are the ancient methods used to „turn the grapes into wine“ and not those „used by men to make wine“.

This amber-coloured wine is abundant in aromas, from the notes reminiscent of raisins and dried figs to delicate notes of honey and cognac. The wine is rich, longlasting and harmonious. To all lovers of authentic and unadulterated wines we recommend Malvazija Amfora, which is at the same time hiding its noble origins and inviting us to taste it and reflect on simple values bestowed upon us by the earth.

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