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A century old tradition

Grandfather Markežić once worked and created in this region. What would he say today? It's hard to say, but if we indulge our imagination just for a moment and go back in time, we will see his cellar, his old dusty barrels, his hardworking boškarin (the indigenous Istrian ox), and him – proud and happy that this land rewarded his efforts and endowed him with good wine. Through his life as a peasant, he succeeded in passing on to us all the values that are leading us into the future.

This is the strength that encouraged our family to stand firm and continue to produce wine by investing a great deal of effort and maintaining respect for tradition.

Our story

In constant search of new taste experiences

The story of winegrowing in the Markežić family dates all the way back to 1891, when it lay the first cornerstone with Momjan Muscat.

Since then, hardworking and patient hands have been weaving the incredible tale of our wines, inspired by the desire to stand out by being genuine and unique. We managed to shape our own recognizable style through the Kabola brand.

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Beautiful and peaceful location of Kabola winery

Kabola locationKabola location
Kabola locationKabola location

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Wine tasting

We welcome you warmly to the Kabola Winery to taste our wines and to enjoy them at your choice combined with Istrian delicacies. We shall do our best to meet your wishes in the best possible way.

Wine tasting reservation
Kabola Cabernet Sauvignon, Malvazija, RosaKabola interier


  • Thank you for the warm welcome and tour. We enjoyed the beautiful property and wine. The Malvasia Amfora was a new experience. Continue to grow so we can continue to enjoy.. One of my favorite photos of a two week trip is on your property as was our wonderful guide, Ljerka! We wish you the best as you bring the best of the past into the future. The Williamson's

    Vickie Williamson

  • Hi Martina! It was nice meeting you & having a nice chat. We really enjoyed your wines, especially the Amfora. We have posted a short note on our visit to your winery on our facebook page 'Winebuzz'. Hope to see your wines in Singapore one day!

    Derek & Chui Ling

  • Beautiful winery with amazing wines. See you next year.

    Mark & family

  • Thank you Martina for a great visit to one of the top wineries in the Croatian Istrian wine region. We have posted a summary of our visit on our Premium Pairings Facebook page. All the Best

    Len & Martina

  • Congratulations on the pleasant ambience, kindness and approach of wine-growing, whose 'noise' tells you about your life and your sense of life. Good luck!

    Robert Vadnjal

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Organic production of wine and olive oil

It is worth mentioning that in 2009 we have made all our wine and olive oil production organic and environmentally friendly. A proof of our success are many articles and positive reviews from world famous wine experts.

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