Kabola - Cuvee Supremo

Cuvee Supremo

Variety of grape:

Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Teran



Alcohol by volume:


Type of glass:

Riedl Vinum Bordeaux Gran Cru

Type of pairing: Baby beef T-bone steak

16-18 ℃

Wine description

This wine has a lovely, deep ruby red colour. It is clear and full-bodied. The bouquet opens slowly, and new notes appear with each passing moment, dominated at first with wild blackberry notes followed by blackcurrant, a hint of vanilla, smoke, and dust, ending with ground coffee and leather. The wine is dry, warm, soft, and fresh with soft, finely grained tannins. It is flavourful with prominent minerality and powerful body. The wine is very well balanced and intense in flavour with a long finish. It is delicious and harmonious, with notes of blackcurrant in the aftertaste.