Kabola - Muskat momjanski

Momjan Muscat

Variety of grape:

Momjan Muscat



Alcohol by volume:


Type of glass:

Riedl Malvazija Istriana glass

Type of pairing: aperitif, prosciutto and melon, soup soup, cakes

8-10 ℃

Wine description

This wine is a lovely greenish-yellow colour. It is crystal clear and has medium body. It is playful and effervescent on the nose, presenting first with a dominant flowery note, followed by juicy nectarine, lychee and a hint of meadow honey. The wine is semi-dry, partly warm and partly soft, while retaining a lovely freshness and delicious flavour with medium body. It is well-balanced and intense in flavour with a long finish. It is flavourful, harmonious and highly drinkable with notes of apricot in the aftertaste.